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Cincinnati Land Surveyors

Cincinnati Land Surveyors offers precise surveying services for residential, commercial, and construction projects. Our skilled surveyors use advanced equipment to provide detailed and accurate survey data in Cincinnati and the Tri-State area.

From boundary surveys to construction layout and floodplain surveys, we handle it all. Our exceptional customer service ensures that we listen to your needs, address concerns, and provide professional guidance.

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Land Surveys in Cincinnati and the Tri-State

Cincinnati Land Surveyors offers precise and detailed surveying for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects in the Cincinnati, OH Tri-State area, including Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. Our highly skilled team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate boundary, topographic, construction layout, and floodplain surveys.

With a commitment to exceptional and affordable customer service, we listen to your needs, address concerns, and provide professional guidance to exceed expectations. Trust us to provide the accurate survey data you need for successful projects such as the property line survey.

See below for the land survey services we offer.

Survey Services We Offer to Cincinnati and the Tri-State

Construction Layout Survey

Indicate the positions of structures, streets, facilities, etc. for construction undertakings

Boundary Survey

Find the legal limits of your property for zoning and building regulations


ALTA/NSPS are necessary for real estate deals and title insurance coverage

Topographical Survey

Determine suitable heights for construction and design locations

Subdivision Survey

Establish limits, dimensions, and explanations for every fresh plot of land

Elevation Certificate

Determine the permissible boundaries of your property according to zoning and building laws

Why You May Need a Survey in Cincinnati

Understanding the precise boundaries of a property is crucial for various purposes. Homeowners or businesses may require the expertise of a professional land surveyor for several reasons:

Requirement for Flood Insurance

Cincinnati property owners may be required to get surveys for insurance purposes, including elevation certificates for flood insurance. Find out about elevation certificates for flood insurance.

Insurance Requirement for Residential Property Title

ALTA/NSPS surveys are boundary surveys commonly required for title insurance when buying residential properties. Find out more about ALTA/NSPS Surveys for property title insurance.

Fence Construction

To guarantee that a fence or wall is installed correctly on one’s property, property owners often carry out a boundary survey. Find out more about boundary surveys for fence construction.

Property Development

If individuals who own property plan to develop it or initiate construction projects, they might find it necessary to obtain different kinds of surveys. These surveys, which could consist of boundary surveys, topographic surveys, construction layout surveys, or other specialized surveys, are crucial in evaluating the practicality, design, and execution of the development undertaking. Read more information about construction layout surveys for property development.

Renovations or Construction Additions

Before making major modifications, property owners can request a boundary and topographic survey to grasp the current characteristics and terrain of their land. This survey aids in the design and planning stages. Discover more about topographical surveys for renovation and additions.

Disputes on Property Line

Boundary disputes between homeowners and businesses can be resolved by hiring a land surveyor. For more information about boundary surveys for property line disputes.

Easement Determination and Detection

A boundary survey enables the identification and location of easements on a property, providing property owners with valuable information about their rights and restrictions about easements. This information is particularly important for understanding the impact of easements on property use and development plans. Learn more about boundary surveys for easement determination.

Title Insurance Requirements

An ALTA/NSPS survey (formerly known as ALTA/ACSM) is a land title survey necessary for issuing title insurance for residential and commercial property purchases. Learn more about ALTA/NSPS surveys for title insurance.

Our service guarantees precise property surveying with prompt, professional, and affordable delivery.

If you are in need of surveying services in San Diego and Southern California we are pleased to refer you to San Diego land survey experts.

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