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Boundary Survey

A boundary survey provides a detailed property line drawing, while the property is staked out with orange flags to designate the boundaries.

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A boundary survey is a common land survey service that accurately establishes and marks property boundaries for property owners. This survey provides a detailed report that can be used for legal and practical purposes.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

Property Purchase

It is essential to know the property’s boundaries when buying real estate, confirming that the purchased land matches its description.

Fence Installation

Building a fence within property boundaries is essential to prevent trespassing onto adjacent properties, and a boundary survey guarantees adherence to local rules.

Property Improvement or Landscaping

Boundary surveys are useful for homeowners who want to make property enhancements while avoiding encroachment onto neighboring properties.

Title Insurance

Title insurance firms typically need boundary surveys to ensure that policies can be issued for adequate coverage and protection. To provide sufficient coverage and protection for their policies, title insurance companies typically mandate the completion of a boundary survey.

Construction or Development

A boundary survey is conducted to guarantee that the intended project stays within the designated boundaries of a property, complies with zoning regulations, and prevents any unauthorized trespassing onto adjacent properties.

Boundary Disputes

Neighboring individuals and parties often find themselves entangled in disagreements over the demarcation of property boundaries. To amicably settle such disputes, a comprehensive and meticulous exploration of the land in question, known as a boundary survey, can be conducted. This survey serves as an indispensable tool for resolving these conflicts and providing clarity on ambiguous property lines.

What is a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey serves as a means of accurately determining the legal boundaries of a particular piece of property. The task of establishing these boundaries falls under the purview of a surveyor, who utilizes a variety of measuring tools and surveying techniques to ensure accuracy in defining property lines.

This type of land survey is traditionally conducted in association with the buying, selling, or development of a property. By delineating the boundaries with precision, potential conflicts and misunderstandings among neighboring landowners can be effectively avoided.

To commence the survey, the surveyor will physically inspect the land, meticulously searching for pre-existing boundary markers. If these markers cannot be located, the surveyor will proceed to place new ones. Furthermore, a comprehensive examination of deeds and other public records directly associated with the property will also be conducted.

The customer commissioning the property survey will be presented with a detailed and informative map, commonly known as a plat. This plat will carefully illustrate the property’s lines, ascertained boundary markers, and any additional measurements or legal descriptions that may be pertinent.

The role of a boundary survey is to accurately determine the legal boundaries of a property. This survey is frequently employed during property transactions or development projects to prevent potential conflicts or misunderstandings among neighboring landowners. Through careful inspection and research, the surveyor will provide the customer with a comprehensive and informative map, outlining the property lines, boundary markers, and other relevant details.

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