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Construction Layout Survey

Obtain a construction layout survey prior to the start of construction. Construction staking will ensure that the build is precisely placed and all subcontractors execute their component correctly.

Cincinnati Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate construction layout survey and staking.

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Performing a construction layout survey before construction commences guarantees accurate positioning and proper execution of subcontractors’ tasks. Cincinnati Land Surveyors possess the necessary skills and equipment to carry out a precise construction layout survey.

A construction layout survey is conducted before construction begins, where stakes are placed in the ground to accurately mark the locations of the features to be built. This provides contractors and subcontractors with precise boundary details for construction purposes. Our expertise and surveying tools enable us to provide an accurate construction layout survey and construction staking.

Reasons to get a construction layout survey

Accurate Placement of Structures

It is important to accurately position buildings, additions, and new construction according to the design plans. A construction layout survey is needed to ensure that the construction is in the correct location and orientation.

Foundation and Footing Layout

The survey ensures that building foundations are accurately placed and aligned with the design plans.

Road and Infrastructure Alignment

Construction layout surveys ensure accurate grades, curves, and measurements for building roadways, walkways, parking areas, and other infrastructure.

Utility Placement

To ensure no harm or conflicts with utilities, precisely indicate the positions and depths of water lines, sewer lines, electrical conduits, and communication cables.

Site Grading and Earthworks

The survey aids in implementing the site grading plan, ensuring effective drainage, erosion control, and landform development.

Structural Alignment and Verticality

The purpose of this action is to examine the vertical alignment of the construction’s structure and its components. This verification process ensures that the construction is accurately built in a straight and aligned manner, without any deviation from the intended design.

As-Built Documentation

The survey report is crucial documentation of the project’s ultimate configuration. It serves as a vital resource for future purposes such as referencing, upkeeping, and making any necessary changes or improvements to the project layout. Also, it is crucial for various purposes, including being a point of reference for future needs such as maintenance and renovations.

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