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Subdivision Survey

When subdividing a piece of land into smaller lots, a subdivision survey is necessary. This is done when the land is being prepared for potential development or for a real estate transaction.

Cincinnati Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an accurate subdivision survey.

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To divide a particular piece of land into smaller lots with the intention of either developing or selling them, it is imperative to conduct a subdivision survey. Cincinnati Land Surveyors possess the knowledge, skills, and necessary equipment to carry out this task meticulously, ensuring an accurate and precise subdivision survey is delivered to their clients.

A survey of a subdivision is necessary when a single piece of land is divided into multiple lots. Initially, a surveyor must conduct a boundary survey of the entire lot. This is followed by subdividing the lot into smaller parcels, which entails completing boundary forms to finalize the subdivision design. Additionally, a surveyor will perform a boundary or lot survey to ensure that the individual lots’ design aligns with the overall subdivision plan. It is crucial to conduct this survey whenever land is subdivided, whether for housing tracts or when selling a portion of residential or commercial land.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

Property Development

To break down a larger property into smaller lots for residential, commercial, or industrial development, developers are required to obtain a subdivision survey. This survey is crucial as it establishes the precise boundaries and dimensions of each subdivided lot.

Zoning and Permitting

To secure the required permits for the division of the land, a survey needs to be conducted to verify whether the proposed design of the subdivision complies with the zoning regulations enforced by Cincinnati.

Property Sales and Transactions

The survey offers valuable data essential for the process of transferring the title and preparing legal documentation associated with the sale of subdivided lots.

Recording and Documentation

The purpose of submitting the survey to the Hamilton County Recorder is to record and document the survey findings to establish an authentic official record of the subdivided lots and their respective boundaries. This process aims to ensure accuracy and legitimacy in tracking the land’s division and delineations.

Infrastructure Planning and Design

The survey supplies the essential data needed for the effective planning and creation of various infrastructure elements like roads, utilities, drainage systems, and sidewalks in the designated region.

Community Planning

The information provided by Cincinnati planners plays a crucial role in making well-informed choices related to the future of land development, zoning regulations, and community design. Within this context, subdivision surveys hold significant importance in the overall planning and growth of the community.

What is a Subdivision Survey?

A subdivision survey is a service provided by surveyors to partition a larger piece of land into smaller, distinct lots or parcels. This meticulous process entails the careful measurement, analysis, and mapping of the entire area to accurately establish the specific boundaries for each new individual lot. The goal is to ensure a precise and reliable division of the land.

We evaluate the current legal descriptions, physical demarcations, surrounding properties, and zoning regulations of a given area. Based on this analysis, the we construct a definitive map known as a plat that visually showcases the precise layout of the subdivided parcels.

The survey divides land, creating boundaries for new properties. Each lot can be individually owned and used, allowing for the development of residential, commercial, and recreational areas.

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