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ALTA/NSPS Survey Service

In order to obtain title insurance or a mortgage, an ALTA/NSPS survey is often required. This more complex survey provides the detail that insurers and lenders require.  

Cincinnati Land Surveyors has the expertise and tools to provide an ALTA/NSPS survey.

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ALTA/NSPS Surveys, typically required by title companies and lenders, offer extensive property details beyond basic boundary surveys. Formerly known as ALTA/ACMS, these surveys are provided by Cincinnati Land Surveyors with their expertise and specialized tools.

Reasons to get a boundary survey

Title Insurance

A title insurance company typically demands an ALTA/NSPS survey as a prerequisite for dispensing title insurance policies. This survey serves a twofold purpose: it minimizes the potential risk for the title insurance company and guarantees the precision of the title insurance coverage.

Lender Requirements

Lenders frequently demand an ALTA/NSPS survey to extend financial assistance. This survey serves as an additional mechanism for lenders to comprehensively evaluate the value of the property and ascertain any potential risks associated with it.

Real Estate Transactions

Conducted predominantly in real estate transactions, particularly for commercial properties or those involving substantial value, this survey serves as an integral component of the due diligence process. Vital for ensuring comprehensive understanding, the information gleaned from this meticulous examination aids potential buyers and lenders in making well-informed decisions pertaining to the property in question.

Boundary Disputes and Resolutions

Uncertainties or misunderstandings regarding property lines among neighboring property owners often give rise to disagreements and disputes concerning the true boundaries of their respective properties. To overcome such issues, an ALTA/NSPS survey emerges as an invaluable tool that offers an unbiased and accurate determination of the actual property line.

Development and Construction

ALTA/NSPS surveys are essential in identifying various aspects, such as current structures, utilities, easements, and other significant elements, which are crucial to consider in the initial stages of design and planning. These surveys hold great importance in conducting thorough site analysis and feasibility studies for the projects.

Fence Installation

It is crucial to construct a fence within the property boundaries to avoid encroaching onto neighboring properties. A boundary survey ensures compliance with local regulations.

Property Improvement or Landscaping

Homeowners planning to make improvements to their property, such as adding structures, driveways, or landscaping features, benefit from a boundary survey. The survey allows homeowners to complete projects without encroaching onto adjacent properties.

What is an ALTA/NSPS Survey?

An ALTA/NSPS survey is a crucial instrument for individuals in the real estate industry, including property buyers, sellers, lenders, and title companies. This survey plays a significant role in guaranteeing a seamless and safeguarded real estate transaction, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

The survey is a specific land survey that provides a comprehensive and detailed depiction of improvements, easements, and other pertinent information alongside boundary lines. It surpasses the scope of a standard boundary survey, which solely focuses on delineating the boundary points between multiple parcels of land.

ALTA/NSPS refers to the “American Land Title Association/National Society of Professional Surveyors,” which outlines survey requirements. Formerly known as ATLA/ACMS survey.

In an ALTA/NSPS survey, a surveyor gathers essential data points of a property, including details about property lines, neighboring properties, buildings, structures, fences, roads, utility lines, and any easements or rights-of-way.

Lenders and title companies usually demand an ALTA/NSPS survey when dealing with a real estate transaction.

Our team of Cincinnati Land Surveyors is fully equipped to carry out your ALTA/NSPS Survey. We are excited and eager to receive your request and assist you with your surveying needs.

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